Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today is an important occasion.
She thinks that she must wear the right clothes.
The right combination of clothes
...will make her lucky.
But there are specific kinds of luck.
Anddifferent kinds are needed
for different occasions:
'A blue dress for intuition'
'The grey shirt and maroon slacks
for making strong statements'
'The navy pullover and the woolen skirt
for discovering mystery.'

She thinks of what she wore
on a similar occasion
like the one she will be involved in today.
Particularly a similar occasion
that was successful for her.
She lies on the bed
and imagines herself in a variety of outfits.
She quickly narrows
the range of possibilities.
She tries them on
in a few combinations.
The striped shirt
and courderoy slacks.
The red dress.
She leaves the house...
The outcome is certain.

David Byrne

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