Saturday, December 22, 2012


Tula Plumi - Interspace 
 CAN Gallery

8.11.12 - 15.12.12

"Whoever wants to doubt everything will be unable to reach doubt, cause the game of doubt in itself presupposes certainty."   -- L. Wittgenstein, The Blue Book, 1958

Interspace was an exhibition that proposed the coexistence of a double narrative and combined together colorful sculptures with black and white photographs. The two sets of works retained their individual narratives while they are also reframed and redefined in their combination in respect to concepts of space and form.

The photographs presented close-ups of mountains putting more emphasis on the random patterns arising over the snowy sides than to the accurate depiction of the landscape. 

Sometimes as positives and other as negatives, they negotiate the idea of intermediate space between the displayed subject and the real landscape and aim to create an ambiguity around photography, which functions 'painterly' emphasizing the random alternation of patterns over the depiction of natural forms.

Forms are challenged and redefined as landscapes and landscapes that have been captured by the photographic lens are deconstructed in order to be later constructed again in connection to the colorful abstract sculptures that surround them. Interspace is thus imaginary, a mental area. 

It is the space where any certainty is put into question. Images and materials are being investigated, their properties, limitations, strength and correctness are being tested and concepts such as the natural, the real, the random and the preplanned are being explored.   [ + more ]

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