Monday, March 17, 2014


Those holidays
Lonely holidays
Lonesome holidays

This life I live is like the lonely ways
The only way
Through these lonely days
Is to pick up those times I've thrown away
When will this feeling go away?

Oh, babe,
Babe, my holidays
Baby, my holidays
Such a lonely day

Why would I waste my time with them that don't replay?
Why would I waste my life trying to rewind the only state?

In past times I never spent so much energy on one repaste.
This role had them all on- I know it's the only way.

Hey, hey
So when I feel like I ain't got time to stay
I'll call you on my phone on holidays
On a holiday
All the lonely days
Sitting holidays
Jagging my hollow way

It's the only way

Gonja Sufi

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