Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No One's Gonna Know

Praise the moral absentee
ho runs a gang of violent thieves
with power many guns retrieve
when shooting for the kill
a new temptation holds you tight
keeps you putting up a fight
a bully underdog could win
with bootstraps pulling up his chin

The only way to climb to the top
is stepping on heads
you're better off dead
you were always worth killing
just a runner for the show
and no one's gonna know

Praise the woman buttered up
your golden apple shut her up
she bats her eyes, now points her toes
perfects the mating ritual
babes are born and she stays by
sings the children lullabies
Knowing when your on the run
Knowing when to hold her tongue

Praise the king on pillow top
who guides the power
from generations of upper stations
hard work makes no new relations


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