Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Last Sigh


“I can't help feeling that there is no beauty without hope, struggle, and conquest.”

“Of course, fantasy and reality are equally personal, and equally felt, so their confusion is a matter of only relative importance.”

“As inexplicable as the accidents that set it off, our imagination is a crucial privilege. I've tried my whole life simply to accept the images that present themselves to me without trying to analyze them. I remember when we were shooting That Obscure Object of Desire in Seville and I suddenly found myself telling Fernando Rey, at the end of a scene, to pick up a big sack filled with tools lying on a bench, sling it over his shoulder, and walk away. The action was completely irrational, yet it seemed absolutely right to me. Still, I was worried about it, so I shot two versions of the scene: one with the sack, one without. But during the rushes the following day, the whole crew agreed that the scene was much better with the sack. Why? I can't explain it, and I don't enjoy rummaging around in the cliches of psychoanalysis.”

“Even today, I've no idea what the truth is, or what I did with it.”

Luis Buñuel

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