Saturday, October 8, 2011

Now I see

Brigitte Kowanz at MUMOK
Brigitte Kowanz an internationally successful Austrian artist with the consistent depiction of light and language that makes her work an exception, in both a local and international context.

Recently her work was presented@MUMOK.Vienna and it was the first time that her varied and complex oeuvre from 1984 up to the present has been honoured to this extent with a presentation of representative wall pieces, installations, and interventions in architectonic space.

The starting point of her work in the early 80s was the rejection of the conventional definitions of picture and work achieved by the use of phosphorescent colours and coloured lights. After she–together with Franz Graf–thematized the virtual and flickering images of the world of a media society, light as a medium of time and space gained a place of central importance in her oeuvre.

For this volatility and boundlessness of light Kowanz creates, in her objects and installations, projection surfaces and architectural spaces that are precisely structured and at the same time poetically charged. At the beginning, fluorescent tubes and glass bottles served as transparent containers for the light both as depictions in their own right qua objects and in imaginary light and shadow rooms.
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