Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alexandra Athanassiades

Alexandra Athanassiades’presentation at Zoumboulakis Galleries was a collection of small and large scale metal, wood and resin sculptures accompanied by drawings, prints and collages. 

Her work was a natural progression from her recent exhibition at Jean -Jacques Dutko Gallery in Paris, and was presented in Athens from September 18th – October 6th 2012. Nature provides an endless source of materials and inspiration to this artist. 

She is constantly on the lookout for pieces of rusty metal, driftwood and discarded items with which she creates a unique type of collage that transforms these objects into recognizable forms such as torsos, horse’s heads and figures. 

We can see the influence of pre historic and classical sculpture is reflected strongly in Athanassiades’ work, plus her preoccupation with the temporary and vulnerable aspects of nature and matter. By exploring these themes of vulnerability, fragmentation, nature and transformation she creates a sculptural form that is simple, elegant and complete.  [ source ]

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