Friday, November 16, 2012


Tambakika of "Xarmaina" was the place where hosted the leather handicrafs.

Harmena, the home of tannerers (tambakides) in Amfissa

The famous neighbourhood of Harmena, has been for many centuries, the area where the curing of leather took place.(Tambakika or Tambakaria).

Harmena is situated approx. 500 metres south of the historic castle of Amfissa, and the famous Byzantine church of our Saviour {11th cent.A.D.} is situated 500 metres west of it.

Among the artists who largely contributed to the development of contemporary Greek art, Spyros Paploukas, is undoubtedly a significant figure [ source ]. Between 1926-1932 he undertook a major artistic venture, the painting of the interior murals of the Amfissa Cathedral (Church of the Annunciation) a cross-domed church built in 1868 on the ruins of an early Christian basilica.

The anthivola, property of Spyros Papaloukas’s daughter, stand on their own as works of art, evidence of his creative thought processes and his technical virtuosity as a painter. Mrs Mina Papalouka offered them to the Amfissa Municipality as the main subject of the Spyros Papaloukas Gallery in Amfissa (which are located at Tambakika)

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