Wednesday, March 20, 2013


by Vassilis Vassilikos
Ziller Building – Nikos Kourkoulos New Stage / National Theatre of Greece

“Z”, a fictionalised account of the assassination of Greek MP Grigoris Lambrakis, was first published in 1966. With a mixture of journalistic accuracy and literary storytelling, internationally award-winning writer Vassilis Vassilikos records the crucial events from the arrival of Lambrakis in Thessaloniki through to the judicial inquiry into his killing and its first findings. Adopting a variety of narrative techniques, the writer highlights both the human and the political dimension of the events, focusing on individuals and situations that have played a defining role in the creation of present-day Greece.

Although associated with a specific and extremely important period in modern Greek history, Vassilikos’s novel captures the timeless political and social contradictions of his country. This explosive material has been adapted for the stage by Efi Theodorou, who also directs. Her production employs a cast of experienced actors to examine the interior life of the characters and in particular the ideological stance of an individual who envisioned a peaceful and just world and did not back down in the face of danger and threats.

Directed and adapted by Efi Theodorou
Set design Eva Manidaki
Costume design Ioanna Tsami
Music Nikos Platanos
Movement Ermis Malkotsis
Lighting design Sakis Birbilis
Assistant director Aspasia - Maria Alexiou
Assistant to the set designer Maro Tsanga
Assistant to the costume designer Dimitra Liakoura

Thanassis Dimou
Haris Frangoulis
Nikolas Hanakoulas
Nikos Hatzopoulos
Maria Kechagioglou
Giannis Kotsifas
Christina Maxouri
Kitty Paitazoglou
Giannos Perlengas

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