Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rebuilding Dialectics

Rebuilding Dialectics

Two of the key members of the group Salon De Vortex, Yiannis Grigoriadis and Yiannis Isidorou, are excibiting at CheapArt Athens their installation entitled “Rebuilding Dialectics“

Documents and archival material referring to the sudden change in the built landscape, symbols and interpretations of social codes enforced by the latest urban model in Greece, and also gestures of brute materiality are the main tools of this installation.

This is an attempt to think historically on the present, in a time that is characterized primarily by oblivion. This new project emphasizes on the problematic and particular character of Greek middle class and proceeds to proposing the idea of rebuilding as a central axis around which the methods and practices of enrichment, consumerism, the rapid spread of kitsch and the final cultural homogenization, developed  [ more ]

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