Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rooms 2013

St George Lycabettus

Kappatos Gallery, organised, curated and presented the annual Contemporary Art Show “ROOMS2013” in the “St George Lycabettus” Hotel, in Dexameni, Kolonaki, Athens, its thirteenth edition since 1999.

In one of the most popular contemporary art shows, 20 curators, art historians, architects, theaterologists, choreographers, select each one a first-time shown artist or team of artists, that will be presented in the rooms of a floor in this hotel. In this show, the 30 artists participating will show paintings, drawing and sculptural works, installations, architectural projects, design, performances, projections, films, and other works, individually in each room transforming it to a personal space.

The choice of an alternative space, a hotel, for this show, was the result not only from the need of an autonomous presentation of the artists in the same location but also from the need of the contemporary artwork to occupy his own private and at the same time public space, in complete equivalence and harmony with its character and meaning of our times.

The hotel is a characteristic public space with certain structure, operation and social role in the framework of a city, as a place of visit, rest, meeting, acquaintance, communication. In its everyday operation, it is occupied mainly by “foreigners”, but also by local people who for their free time. 

During the show, another dimension to the hotel will be added: the hosting of artistic work. Thus the social role of the hotel is extended acquiring a cultural and communicational character as it becomes a place for artists to communicate with the wide public who will visit and will “live together” with the artworks in the same space these days.

For many of the artists, the marvellous and hospitable space of the Hotel St George Lycabettus situated in one of the most beautiful areas in the centre of Athens, constitutes an opportunity to create artworks especially for this show, and the hotel to operate as a “art hospitable space”.


Gely Gryntaki, Yiorgis – Vyron Davos, Dio Kaggelari, Charis Kanellopoulou, Margarita Kataga, Tassos Koutsouris, Giota Konstantatou, Areti Leopoulou, Maria Maragou, Evita Tsokanta, Isavella Kladaki, Maria Kyveli Mavrokodopoulou, Agni Papaioannou, Nikos Mykoniatis, Haris Savvopoulos, Efi Strouza, Fei Tzanetoulakou, Yannis Toumazis, Lina Tsikouta, Maria Stathi.


Monika Pavlechova, Felix Delandre, Dimitra Kondylatou, Dimitra Liakoura, Maria Tsagkari, Lia Koutelieri, Fotini Palpana, Yannis Heimonakis, Dimitris Sarlanis, James Enox, Bill Psarras, Rilène Markopoulou, Ilias Mamaliogkas, Elena Marinou, Yorgos Papafigos, Ioanna Gouma, Kallina Mayopoulou, Elma Petridou, Vasilis Rizos, Natali Yaxi, Pythagoras Hatziandreou, Vasilis Yerodimos, Eva Marathaki, Marina Troupi.

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