Saturday, July 23, 2011

Undisclosed Recipients I


TAF presents the exhibition "Undisclosed Recipients"  until 31 August 2011

The term Undisclosed Recipients is most often used in today's electronic communication in case someone wants to send a message via email to a number of secret recipients.

This is an increasing phenomenon mainly due to the development and progress of technology but also of communication tools.

On this occasion, we investigate the issue of the artist - artwork - viewer relationship and examine in what way the artwork becomes a communication tool

There is the frequent question whether the viewer is actually needed to justify his presence and to complete a work of art, or art is on its own an elite status that is only addressed to the few and insiders. In other words, whether the work is sufficient and autonomous even without being viewed by the general public

(to be continued in part II)

Skouloudis Panos

Ianthi Angelioglou, Apollonas Glykas, Eleni Dimitropoulou, Polina Zioga, Andreas Kampas, Mpampis Karalis, Maria Lianou, Iliodora Margellos, Konstantinos Makropoulos, Eirini Mpazara, Kamilo Nollas, Mario De Pantouanis, Fani Pantazidou, Konstantinos Patsios, Martha Petraki, Athina Rombie, Nikos Sepentzoglou, Panos Skouloudis, Eri Skyrgianni, Alexandra Stravoravdi , Sofia Toumpoura, Pavlos Tsakonas, Nikos Hatzikonstantis

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