Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Show Me Everything

We watch through glass we see nothing

Latex on the fingertips we touch through glass feel no fear
Out of care out of all scattered like stones
Out of mess

We could take these stones we could build something
We could try forever try the same
Survival lord

Show me everything 
Show me everything we came for 
So many new moons colours around
So many new stars guidance

You show me everything thing we care for
Get back together, separate Take these stones, build something
Find a wall and get rid of this glass we believe we taste
Everything we could have had
Everything that belongs to us

Take these stones, throw something
We could separate, we could drop the bomb
And it makes no odds whatever side you’re on
Back again, hesitate

The price that holds the very air we breathe
There’s you, you show me everything I care for in you
You show me everything


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