Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bloated Faces

Bloated Faces and Pop-up
Xavier Noiret-Thomé

AD Gallery presented the solo show of the French artist Xavier Noiret-Thomé entitled BLOATED FACES & POP-UP.

As Pascal argues “to mock philosophy is truly to philosophise”. The same stands for painting; someone who can mock painting can also truly paint. The viewer of Xavier Noiret-Thomé’s works is confronted by the ease with which the gaze can mock what is to be seen. What characterizes a successful painting eventually; a dice throw or the flash of inspiration?

Xavier Noiret-Thomé, accepts the Pascalian experiment by seeking his art’s balance between nothingness and infinity. His admiration and devotion to the work of Leroy, Richter, Dieter Roth, Adrian Schiess, Francis Picabia helped him approach the real wager of painting. A kind of painting that caresses the gaze and attacks it at the same time. [ more ]

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