Monday, September 23, 2013

Maybe On Monday

Woke up on Monday and wrote you a love song, wrote you a love song

Well the pen stopped and the paper flew out the window

And the notes rang down the road

I dont know where theyll go get caught in the trees I suppose

Ripped apart by the birds and the winter winds whisper good bye to your love

Went out walking into the storm, into the storm

Followed what I thought was your voice but it was just the riverside

I dont know where theyll go but I cast the letters you wrote

Taken out by the current or sink to the bottom to say a little goodbye to your love

Skies dark and the wind blew the trees down

I watched as the world slipped away

Carved into the bark a final love song

Then I carried the words to the fire

Staring into the glow where the branches are burning low

Sparks shooting out like stars and in the morning say a little goodbye to your love

Ill carry this song with me everyday til I lie down by your side


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