Saturday, January 7, 2012

King Elephant

King Elephant _at_ Bios

King Elephant recently released his homonymous solo album. These photos and video are from the presentation of the album at Bios.Athens


Who is King Elephant?
Drumming, mixing, producing and a big philosophical nothing. No money no honey, etc … member of Baby Guru.


He started music lessons on the accordion at age 5. At 8 he switched to the saxophone; piano and guitar followed, until he found his place behind the drums at 16.

In 2004 he started working on “homemade” recordings and productions until he decided to study sound engineering.


At the end of 2009 with two childhood friends they formed Baby Guru and in March 2011 they released their debut album.


A few words about his Album
Inner Ear invites you to an exotic musical journey through the exciting jungle of King Elephant. One of the three members of Baby Guru, who introduced himself to us in their recent gigs as the quiet force behind the drums, now comes with his first solo album, to confirm that creation and in his case, music is the best form of self-psychoanalysis.


At a time of his life when everything went wrong, King Elephant found refuge in his basement studio and like a true nocturnal devoted all his late night energy into a game with sounds and instruments (piano, saxophone, percussion), recording himself and creating infinite samples. Obi Serotone (Baby Guru) assisted on vocals and then began the adventure of editing.


Cutting and sewing countless samples, King Elephant began to build tracks, always with percussion as the dominant element.


The result is a colorful journey to sound, like a kaleidoscope of changing forms, which stimulates the senses and excites the imagination. Primal sounds and African drums, jazzy moods, meditation samples, melancholic melodies and psychedelic vocals co-exist in the kingdom of “King Elephant”.


The album “King Elephant” is released from Inner Ear in limited edition vinyl including cd.


More links about King Elephant: [ MySpaceLink ] [ SoundCloudLink ]

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