Sunday, January 8, 2012

O or a fragment

Nikos Sepetzoglou : …O… (or a fragment)

"There is, with no doubt, something paradox in the idea of a logic whose conditions consist of scraps and fragments, traces that were left out of psychological or historic procedures, and sterilized, as traces, of necessity."   Claude Levi-Strauss, 1977.


Using the fragment “O” as an axis and a start, Nikos Sepetzoglou manages and introduces in his first solo exhibition the “fragmented” total of his recent work. The result is paintings on wood together with the use of axe, as well as objects – sculptures out of stitched wooden flakes.

From the creative thought – act, to the violent relocation, the materialistic and comprehensive substance of “figure” is reflected to the work as a continuous event, as a concluded choice, need and desire.

The space, the image and the object are being converted into conceptual tools. They are being composed, decomposed and transformed during the procedure of search of form, content and correlation of the artist with the everyday’s reality. The works, often of undefined dimensions because of their fragmented character, transform the grid of a singe installation, in an attempt to restructure and readminstrate the material.

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