Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Still Life

In the body of work entitled “Still Life” by Ioanna Ralli, presented at Zoumboulakis Galleries, “still life” is photographically approached with the same straightforwardness, tenderness and discernment used by the artist in 2008 in the women portrait series entitled “Archetypes of the feminine”.

“Is still life alive?” This constitutes a valid question as nowadays, still lives do not seem to be a part of contemporary artistic exploration, when the whole world is in turmoil and the news shows us wild lives; hungry and violent. But art continues to showcase “new” still lives on an international level; immaterial, videotaped, photographed, altered, full of passion and personality; “different”.

This exhibition comprises portraits of objects that have emerged from the protection of cupboards to stand, modest or proud, before the lens and confront us, the viewers, and, above all, those of us who are willing to get seriously to grips with their meaning: the so-called “artists with a devoted sight”.

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