Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Refuse to be blind

Outside the wind is howling 
Lashing sheets of cold and cruel rain 
Inside the air is fetid 
Lying heavy on my beleaguered brain 

These things that happen when you're sleeping 
Are still there when you're awake 
They hide in folds among the bedclothes 
Re-emerge when it's too late 

It's not that I am so unstable 
It's just that there's something inside me 
It's fighting, tearing for a way out 
So at last it can be free 

They told me that I have got to relinquish 
These things that just fell out of my mind 
It's not that I am going crazy 
It's just that I refuse to be blind 
Refuse to be blind 
Refuse to be blind 


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