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Remap 4 part 2

Remap 4
part 2

point 06


Federico Vavassori - Artist: Dario Guccio

They shared the same passion for tennis. They used to meet on the school’s terrace on Thursdays to kiss and then go to the court. He was climbing the stairs that run along the school, leading to the terrace. Before taking the last step, he saw Her through the thick net on the rooftop, kissing the new class president. They detatched only when the wind came and ruffled the girl’s hair. Nothing remained to Him but the scent of honey floating on the stairs. [ link ]


Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich


Shadow kingdom is a new body of work made up of painting and sculpture.The imagery in these works is the representation of a singular character (the hobo) that I have been working with over the past 5 years. This ambivalent character is mostly hidden behind this own vignette made up by a hat and overcoat, masking his real thoughts and identity. My character is an evolution of this american archetype made famous by writers like walt whitman and jack london and through american comic strips and films. The importance of this character is in metaphor, in social fluidity for freedom from social code and ethos. The shows title shadow kingdom was chosen to describe this attitude. [ link ]


Maccarone, NY

Hanna Liden’s works are inspired by the banality of city life, present-day memento moris, and the everlasting cycle of urban rebirth and decay. Diamonds in the Mine, named after the Leonard Cohen song, takes on emptiness as its prevailing theme. What remains when everything is gone; what fills that void?

Liden also presents a two-dimensional work, consisting of four screen-printed panels that depict trash bags lining the sidewalk. These trash bags are yet another form of the “stack” which, like the boulder sculptures, speaks to the detritus that people leave behind. In the piles of waste and garbage is a pervasive sense of absence and abandonment.

Diamonds in the Mine is as much about the act of leaving behind as it is about an intrinsic emptiness. In Liden’s works the proverbial “mine” can be attributed to both a physical as well as a psychological state. Yet in exploring ideas of emptiness, hopelessness, and longing, something poetic is unearthed.

Hanna Liden lives and works in New York. [ link ]

point 08


Galleria Franco Noero

Andrew Dadson, of Vancouver B.C., will present a project composed by a painting and sculptural works that deal with the idea of painting in different medias. The artist creates paintings of intensely worked layers of oil paint, pushed unidirectionally across the painting’s support, allowing a thick blur to settle on the picture plane while excesses of color build up at the edges. Combining multiple canvases in small groups that often sit on the floor and lean on each other, he emphasizes the physicality of his process and the object-like nature of the results. Through the painting and a sculptural installation of plants that will be completely painted in black and that will be presented during ReMap, Dadson explores his assertion that “. . . everything has boundaries; the delimitations between such can be static and opaque or permeable and imagined. In my practice, I search for the spaces where society manifests these invisible distinctions, and how they can be indiscernibly breached and stretched.” [ link ]



KYPSELI is an independent publication initiated by a company of creators who live in or care for the neighborhood of Kypseli. It comes out every two months. Following the tradition of fanzines, the publication consists of black and white photocopies on low gram paper so that the production cost is kept low budget and its independent character is secured. The word “kypseli” (literally meaning beehive) doesn’t refer solely to a certain neighborhood in Athens. It also applies to a structure and an attitude, it’s a cue, a call to reclaim the city center and participate equally in its polymorphous and complex life. The first issue came out in April 2013. In September 2013, celebrating the launch of the fourth issue, we shall organize a big presentation show at REMAP 4. The project will include a curated exhibition of original pages, prints and objects by the fanzine crew and guest creators and an alternating program of music, dance and theater performances. [ link ]

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