Monday, December 23, 2013



(To make safe; to procure the safety of; to preserve from injury, destruction, or evil of any kind; to rescue from impending danger; as, to save a house …)

“SAVE” participants submit a critical commentary on the relationship between contemporary cultural and the political conditions in our country. A country with cracks in the perspective of modernity which prompted once the romantic request for a “total experience of Utopia” beyond the limiting distance overcoming space and time. “Is this the end or the beginning of the nightmare?” Each answer remains pending until viewers search for possible participation in the universe of the image and they find their own “Native Land” through this journey.

On the occasion of the above considerations, the exhibition deals with the conditions of protection, rescue, and healing from potential risks in a morally changing world.

“SAVE” is curated by George Tserionis and is held in collaboration with ENTROPIA Theater. The exhibition constitutes part of its new international production «P.I.G.S», which has been conceived and directed by Marilli Mastrantoni.

Participating artists: Andreas Voussouras, Georgia Kotretsos, Lina Gaki, Nikos Palaiologos, Efi Fouriki, Giannis Sinioroglou, Giorgos Tserionis, Lea Petrou, Babis Karalis, Giannis Christakos, Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Maria Tsagkari, George Gyzis, Panos Famelis, Kostantinos Stamatiou, Natasha Poulantza, Villy Manolakou, Kostantinos Ladianos

Curated by: George Tserionis   [ more

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