Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've seen it all

~ You haven't seen elephants, kings or Peru!
- I'm happy to say I had better to do

~ What about China? Have you seen the Great Wall?
- All walls are great, if the roof doesn't fall!

~ You've never been to Niagara Falls?
- I have seen water, its water, that's all...

~ The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State?
- My pulse was as high on my very first date!

~ And the one you will marry?
- To be honest, I really don't care...

I've seen it all, I've seen the dark
I've seen the brightness in one little spark.
I've seen what I chose and I've seen what I need,
And that is enough, to want more would be greed.
I've seen what I was and I know what I'll be
I've seen it all - there is no more to see!

You've seen it all and all you have seen
You can always review on your own little screen
The light and the dark, the big and the small
Just keep in mind - you need no more at all
You've seen what you were and know what you'll be
You've seen it all - there is no more to see!

Bjork & Thom Yorke 

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