Saturday, April 7, 2012

Olga Alexopoulou at Rizari Park

This post is about a street art work that was powered by Atenistas.
The Artist: Olga Alexopoulou


"An open community of citizens of Athens who love their city and believe that the compromise with the most problematic aspects of perpetuating a vicious cycle of irrationalism, stagnation, defamation, underdevelopment.

For us that Athens is not only a "finished story" but a vast field of inventive and effective actions that will make us realize the enormous potential.

We draw strength and energy of civil society, thousands of defenseless Athenians who want to do something for their city and it has not found a creative channel open participation in the affairs of Athens.

We are not partisan agency or municipal political party, but a vibrant community that wants to share her faith in a much better believing in Athens rejuvenating power of action. Tired nag, let us always blame others or the "state". We are only here to do. Seven days a week, 365 days a year."

Olga Alexopoulou:
A graduate of the Ruskin School of Art of Oxford University, Olga has participated in a number of exhibitions in the international art scene (UK, USA, Spain, China, etc) and in Greece,

Selected exhibitions:
May 2009 Booze Cooperativa, Urban Forest: Prologue, Athens, Greece
September 2007Thessaloniki Biennale 1 of Contemporary Art, Public Screen, Greece
May 2007 Art Athina, represented by Selini Gallery, Athens, Greece
July 2004 Standpoint Gallery, Inhibition, London, UK
October 2002 Cubitt Gallery, Ruskin 02 MA Degree Show, London, UK
January 2002 X-Change Gallery, SOLO Exhibition, Oxford, UK

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