Friday, November 26, 2010

The Games You Play

When I was a kid
We used to play a game
I think you know the rules of our game
I have no time to play games

But I'm making moves
While you're sleeping and dreaming
Of being larger than life
Your own hype you believing
Well now, you've been faking the funk since the beginning
Too many chapters in now to rewrite and fix the ending
Besides, you question what kind of message that be sending
That you's a chump, punk butt, so what
I care not of the role you choose to play
By the way
I'm sure of a beginning and an end
But everything in between is all grey
All grey, all grey, all grey

Sometimes I flow staccato
Strip you of vibrato
While you be acting macho
I try and switch it up
I see the games you play
And the traps you lay
Not fit to fall in
But I let you play them anyway

I don't understand this game

Wax Tailor

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