Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swimming in Earth's navel (2)

Swimming in Earth's navel
-part 2-

Galaxidi is a town with a small harbor on the Gulf of Corinth. The Greek National Road 48/E65 connects Galaxidi with Naupactus and Itea. Until the late 19th century, Galaxidi had a sizeable merchant marine fleet and was a prosperous commercial centre. This is reflected in the size and style of the local buildings. Preservation of the traditional architecture has facilitated the growth of tourism in recent decades. The marine museum contains exhibits from this period.  [ more ]

 Arachova is connected by the Greek National Road 48 with Amphissa and Levadia. The name is derived from the South Slavic orah, walnut, and denotes a place planted with walnut trees. [ more ]

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