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European Cultural Centre of Delphi

 European Cultural Centre of Delphi

The European Cultural Centre of Delphi (ECCD) was founded upon the inspiration and initiative of Konstantine Karamanlis.

The first deliberations upon the creation of a spiritual centre in Delphi begun in the aftermath of the 1st World War and the foundation of the League of Nations.

In 1927, Angelos and Eva Sikelianos organized the First Delphic Festival. The poet envisaged a global centre, where a “league of fine men” would convene, just like in Antiquity, aiming at the composition of the peoples` conflicts and ensuring the universal and permanent Peace (“Delphic Ideal”).

Following the 2nd World War, the matter was once again brought back to the agenda, mainly from people from the realms of the arts and letters. In London, the worldwide association of writers (International PEN) by proposal of the Greek poet – and latter politician – Yiannis Koutsoheras proposes the creation of an international spiritual centre in Delphi.

Council of Europe for the Foundation of a Delphic Centre. In September 1962 the Delphic Centre is placed under the auspices of the Council of Europe, following a decision by the Committee of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the member states. The Hellenic Government undertook the obligation to offer the location for the building of the venue.

The cornerstone is being placed on March 28, 1966 and the construction for the conference venue begins.

In 1977, by an act of the Greek Parliament, the European Cultural Centre of Delphi (ECCD) was established as a “corporate body under private law”, under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the auspices of the Council of Europe.

According to its founding law, its aim is to “serve international cultural interests” and “develop common cultural principles that will unite the peoples of Europe” through the “publication of studies on European culture, the organization of cultural assemblies and other artistic activities…”

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