Sunday, October 7, 2012

WALLS / Unbounded boundaries


WALLS / Unbounded boundaries

Participating artists: Maria Andonatou, Panagiota Apostolopoulou, Anneta Spanoudaki

A new identity within the old city of Athens that serves as the starting point of strong cultural dialogue and distinct artistic behavior. The city center welcomes the newly emerging ArtWall. The project space focuses on bringing together contemporary artists who are a part of the undivided creative force of the city, who produce ideas and projects – documenting concepts and images of the city, often contradictory to each other.

The exhibition program opens with the show "WALLS - Unbounded boundaries" where 3 artists have collected and processed information from the urban setting to create their own intermediate space.
Social and individual periods of unrest in which one must re-arrange, revalue and redefine everyday symbols in both idea and structure –create new interpretations and new mind paths. What we know is now different, what was beside us is across from us or vice versa.
The term “Wall” as used within the given exhibition, specifies a surface or non-surface as a cognitive mapping - a result of piecing together information from the urban setting. You may sit back and allow the “walls” to penetrate while generating hundreds of possible real and unreal locations otherwise seen as urban coordinates. A Wall is a location within a location, it is there for you to visualize and penetrate, to confront and question. Don’t expect to see the cliché surface of one before you, its transparency indicates inner boundaries and coordinates and an experience with intermediate space.                                                                                                     [ Read more

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