Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hans Aichinger

Hans Aichinger

»Truth or Dare«

 at maerzgalerie@Berlin

Oil on canvas works in varnish technique, formulated in AICHINGER’S characteristic perfection and built from the darkness of the space by the use of illumination in depth.
So far, AICHINGER had orchestrated these scenarios as some kind of chamber play stage; now it is the laboratory in which the observer gets much closer to the core.

The works of the exhibition are still lives, dedicated to young people being engaged in a gesture, as a playful redirection activity for something hidden. The unnaturally meticulous manner of painting does not want to be beautiful but is rather dismissively cool and creates distance – a gap it needs to undermine the aesthetic of overwhelming and to dive for the nature of the seen.   [ + more ]

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