Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Michail Pirgelis

23 Nov 2012 - 26 Jan 2013

Qbox gallery is pleased to present Michail Pirgelis’ first solo exhibition in Greece, entitled Blue Moon. 

Michail Pirgelis explores the notion of flight, seeking all over the world the resting places of obsolete airplanes and transforming their remnants into sculptures. Following a different process each time, the artist decontextualizes the fragmented aircraft parts while keeping the aura of the objects intact.

In the exhibition Blue Moon, the artist intervenes in the gallery by adjusting to the space, layers of plastic panels that are used for lining the interior walls of the aircraft. He creates the sculptures Alma II (2012), Blue Moon(2012) and Incision (2012) that are made up of different airplane fragments in which Pirgelis interferes, thus introducing a new cosmos of shapes and forms.

Pirgelis constructs his familiar environment and invites the viewer to become part of it, allocating him in an unbarred in-between space. The spectator “sleepwalks” in an imaginary room of a continuous transition while he becomes a passive passenger and a distant observer.

Michail Pirgelis explores the fragility and the awe of flying as well as the human desire to defy gravity, which entails also the danger of complete failure. The archaic, mythical dream of flying is unveiled through the minimalistic forms that signify the perpetual technological evolution. The artist’s modernist discourse is reminiscent of the drives that open up new possibilities of looking, thinking and thus acting. Pirgelis creates a “contemporary archaeology” where the aircraft’s pieces are strange amalgams of the past, seen in the present while denoting the future.
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