Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Walking With A Ghost

I'm just walking with a ghost
And he's walking by my side
My soul is dancing on my cheek
I don't know where the exit is

Every day is still the same
And I don't know what to do
I'm carrying my tears in a plastic bag
And it's the only thing I got from you

I have short hair
And I'm faced with a few complications
So, so if you care
Try to analise the situation
You know, man
As the leaves fall on the ground
My soul is goin'
Round and round and round

So please, do it well
Just break the spell
Why don't you do it right?
I don't want another fight
I'm not creatin'
My flow with my ego
I'm taking off my hood
And I'm entering deeply in the wood
You know, man

Bugs are my only food
And it puts me in a strange mood
I ain't giving you my heart
On a silver plate
Why couldn't we be just mates?
Oh no, never come back to me

I wish i could be a child, write me another dance, another chance, another romance
it could be the end


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