Tuesday, June 24, 2014



How do our contemporaries perceive war, and what stance would they take in a civil war? What does our age mean by ‘heroism’, and who does it consider a hero? 

How do we defend power, and how do we cope with loss? How do we handle anger, love, the return home? 

Homer’s Iliad tackled on stage in its entirely for the first time in the modern theatre. Fifteen actors –contemporary rhapsodists guided by Stathis Livathinos– tell this stirring ancient epic, shedding copious light on the Greece of today in the process. 

D.Ν. Maronitis

Stathis Livathinos

Argyro Ananiadou
Vasilis Andreou
Lefteris Angelakis
Dionysis Boulas
Giorgos Christodoulou

Dimitris Imellos
Nikos Kardonis
Nefeli Kouri
Gerasimos Michelis
Giannis Panagopoulos
Maria Savvidou

Christos Sougaris
Aris Troupakis
Amalia Tsekoura
Giorgos Tsiantoulas
and Manousos Klapakis percussion


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