Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Sitting on a boat decrepit, gently rolling with the waves
From tankers and grey ships, they’re miles away
Watching fog come rolling over up-thrust bits of inner earth
Juniper and ancient live-oak trees
Seagulls swoop for bits of flotsam, drifting on receding tides

I am only miles, but lives away
Miles away and lives away, can’t you hear me, Adriadne?
Bring to me your golden string

Driving down a burning highway, underworlds and gold, dead grasses
Vineyards laid in opulence and curves
Vineyards laid with labyrinths, there stalks the Minotaur
Come to take our youth with age and time

I grow old and bitter gray and all I know, it slips away
Except the memory I have of you
True love is our only shield; true love is our only shield
And true love is our sword


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