Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Reason To Go

No good job, no good town
No rules planned at dawn
Why be lost when you could be found
By another reason to go

City lights, so bright they blind
Like a [Incomprehensible]
[Incomprehensible] till the day you find
There another reason to go

Open eyes mean closing doors
Wonder what they're waiting for
I was waitin' but I ain't no more
I found another reason to go

Look hard headed like me
Don't give up easily
When I look back all I see
Is another reason to go

Well, come near from afar
No matter where you are
There's a life surrounds you

And if you stay [Incomprehensible] let it shine
Keep watch, soon you'll find
You're placed in your good time
Not another reason to go


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