Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I stand alone

Sometimes we feel alone
But alone ain’t always wrong

Alone in a crowded room
My mind made up like a powder room
I’m the sun, giving the clouds some room
I shine, shine like the hour noon
Tune is to stay in step with every day men
And women, the rythym of the realness

Still I’m Legend like Will Smith
In the presence of the fake I am a real gift
Open it, hopin' it'd be something dope in it
Movement of the people getting motion sick
We ride on the highs and lows of it
On the Southside, we got hosed for it

Standing up like Rich Pryor
We get fire and inspire 'bout a prospect to get higher
Your sire on the throne grew up around the stones
The ranger, so I stand alone

I’m flying high up in the sky
I will not run, I will not hide
I stand alone, I stand alone

The only test is to survive
I will succeed I will not die
I stand alone, I stand alone

Success it is, we blessed to live
Not just my kids, want the best for his
Progression lives where the lessons is

Robert Glasper

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