Friday, May 15, 2015

Alpha - The play


Alpha - The play

2.500 years ago, Sophocles the Athenian introduces the conflict of a young princess named Antigone who opposes the State’s power in order to bury her dead brother. At that moment, the moment of Democracy’s birth, a question is born that is still unanswered today.


Is human law Justice?


Alpha is a Transmedia Cinematic Performance inspired by the ancient myth of Antigone, by our actual present and by this exact same question posed 2.500 years ago.



Alpha movie and back stage shooting were presented in this blog the previous years (here) . This time we present a small sample of the live performance version of Alpha.


Alpha is a live performance in which the performer plunges into her dark subconscious onstage, while a feature film inundates the entire stage. The film blends in the set design forcing a dream to coexist with reality, and a human touch to hold hands with a cinematic cut - two worlds unfolding in unison before the eyes of the audience.


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