Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Greek Island II

*code name of the secret bunker built for the members of the US Congress

This is the second part about the exhibition. We are still down here, at the two-story basement, in the city's center. Where one has the feeling that he/she walks into the subconscious of contemporary Greek history...

For the nine artists involved in the project, the discovery of this space was a welcome break from the chase of this mercilessly accelerating present and a challenge to reflect upon and seek an honest encounter with its secret history. Installations, photographs, sculptures, videos and drawings especially created for the exhibition transform this submersion in the basements into a palimpsest of a mnemonic wandering plan. These works keep breathing in the anti-raid shelters, while freeing for the visitor the oxygen of freedom and hope.

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Participating Artists:

Adonis Volanakis,
Nadia Kalara+Martin Carlé,
Panos Kostouros,
Kleoni Manoussakis,
Iliodora Margellos,
Maria Nymfiadi,
Constantinos Patsios,
Daphne Tsatsou

Art Exhibition / Ethniki Insurance Mansion, Site of Historical Memory 1941-1944, Korai 4
Duration 27.04.11 - 27.05.11

my view: The history of this place speaks by itself. Is this exhibition the "appropriate one" to honor this venue of pain and suffering? Is not for me to say. But...never the less it gave us the opportunity to visit this kind of "Greek Island" for the first time in our life. A place that is so near us...but so far away... 

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