Monday, May 16, 2011

The mother of the dog

The Greek National Theatre has invited the award-winning Serbian director, Nikita Milivojevic, to bring Matesis’s unique world to the stage.

Pavlos Matesis’s stage adaptation of his own novel, The mother of the dog, presents a view of modern Greek history that is both incisive and funny, dramatic and surrealistic. The iconic Raraou becomes a symbol of the human determination not to submit.

The life of Raraou, “the great star of theatrical revue” as she styles herself, is related through flashbacks of a society attempting to get by in the midst of poverty.

From the Occupation to the present day, Raraou’s story, like the story of the Greece about which she reminisces, is a battle for survival. Her struggle is unrelenting, and she will use every means at her disposal to emerge unscathed - even if she has to take refuge in her own reality.

Direction / Adaptation Nikita Milivojevic
Set - costumes Kenny MacLellan
Music Dimitris Kamarotos
Movement Amalia Bennett
Lighting Sakis Birbilis
Dramaturg Vivi Spathoula
Assistant to the director Xenia Themeli
Assistant to the set designer Irini Kontaxaki

Father / Honest man Kostas Vasardanis
Kyria Kanello Angeliki Dimitrakopoulou
Father Dinos Vasilis Karaboulas
Salome Jenny Kollia
Mother of Roubini & Raraou (at an older age)/Chrysafaina/ Fani Ivonni Maltezou
Raraou Themis Bazaka
Roubini Iro Bezou
Disabled person Themistoklis Panou
Mother of Roubini & Raraou (Asimina) Theodora Tzimou
Fanis Giannis Tseberlidis
Alfio Antonis Fragakis


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