Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Guru @ SixDogs

Baby Guru is an ever evolving musical organism conceived on a rainy day

Tired of the typical rock band thing- Emphasis on spontaneity and unexpected inspiration.

Obsessed with the kraut rock legacy and mama Africa percussion experiments- Charmed by the analog warmth of proto electronica and the raw power of garage punk.

Driving, instictive grooves and vocal lines that range from meditative to dadaistic- The circle is complete, the ritual is about to begin...


Obi Serotone: vocals, sampler, keyboards, synths, percussion, soundscapes, drums, production, editing -


King Elephant: drums, percussion, programming, saxophone, soundscapes, backing vocals, editing, production -


 Sir Kosmiche: bass, sound manipulation, backing vocals, noise,percussion, editing, production

Photos are from their recent live@ SixDogs.Athens

Sample Videos

The second video gone crazy...

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