Friday, October 28, 2011

All that melts into air is solid

If reality is a construction according to which all that is solid melts into air, the intervening space between reality and the imaginary is a construct, which melts into air but is solid. The exhibition conveys, more than anything, a sense of this intermediary space that can be perceived but is not actually tangible.

It focuses on the fragile yet solid construction, which is located at the intersection between reality and dream; this is how its title, the inversion of the phrase from the Manifesto of the Communist Party, occurred. [ more info]


Curated by Galini Notti

Participating artists: Vassiliki Anastassiou, Johanna Billing, Kostas Christopoulos, Maria Karantzi, Nina Papaconstantinou, Kostas Sahpazis, Yiannis Theodoropoulos, Myrto Xanthopoulou

Until 29.10.2011 at Elika Gallery

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