Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Design Walk 2012 B

What kind of country do we want Greece to be in ten years from now? Will the characteristics of the Greek identity be affected by the monetary crisis? How will we perceive Greece in 2022 and how will we be perceived by our friends, allies, observers and competitors abroad? How we can influence the way others see us? Within the narrative context "Greece 2022" the design studios will create their own version of our future. During Design Walk 2012, nothing will be left undisclosed. The designers will confront the present, suggesting a different future, ambitious, intelligent, optimistic, extroverted and humorous. "We need this now, more than ever. The issue is purely existential. We cannot create a different future without having imagined it first".

Greece 2022
11 creative studios, 11 aspects of our lives, 10 years later
3, 4 and 5 February 2012
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G Tourism

In contrast to Elytis’s verse “If you deconstruct Greece, in the end you’ll have an olive, a vine and a boat,” the tourist imagines memorabilia with attic light, the Parthenon, endless beaches, Dionysian nights and any latest fad he is offered. What promotional item could represent our country’s modern tourism image? What product could possibly encompass the Eternal Then and the Ambigious Now?

2022 finds us with the prophetic words covering the Glorious City like a sound-logo: “Tourism is the most powerful industry in Greece”. And so a “product” reflects the future

π6 (Pi6) Social Standards

Historians disagree. The Antistatists’ official version wants March 25, 2022, a day meant to commemorate the two hundred and first anniversary of the glorious liberation from the Turks, to be linked with the disappearance of all social authorities on the Battleship Averof by the Reformist Provocateurs Group and their “forced seclusion” on an island-plateau.

In one moment, all the prevailing role models in Greece’s modern history disappear, rumors say to the remote atoll of Lost. In the lab of historical wonders, new generations of leaders are already being hatched

This is Amateur Consumerism

Do you have a red-figured amphora with flute-players in exchange for a second hand gold buckle? The pre-Homerian economy of 860 BC is here. DIY online sales, digital marketplaces are the new vintage silk road.


In 2022 “The Death of a Post-Capitalist Salesman” is a fact, while thousands of homes have been converted into warehouses full of goods. Commerce has shrunk and basic goods are now grown in greenhouse-balconies, studio-communes and co-op warehouses. The end of advanced marketing, without retouching, product styling and targeted consumer groups.

DesignPark Religion

Did God ever imagine religion?


Αn interactive photographic installation about me, you, the other, us, all , the One… since then until 2022…?


alex said...

Great talent is really needed in order to get a good product design. Nice unique design image.

Sherry Nash said...

I highly recommend your inspiring printing design Brilliant collection! I must share this with our network of freelance designers - who have no doubt shared your sentiments on many of these more than once!