Saturday, March 10, 2012


TAF presented the annual exhibition Studios with a selection of works by recent graduates of the Athens School of Fine Arts and emphasized on the artistic practices that are currently developed in Greece. Most exhibits constituted part of the artists’ thesis.


The artworks of the exhibition covered a wide spectrum of means, techniques and themes, while combined they are attempting to showcase the educational incentives that have determined the early work of the artists that graduate from the domestic art schools.

The annual exhibition Studios aimed to create a dialog on the work of young artists and to underline both the social influences as well as the artistic references that form today’ s Greek artistic production.


The need to introduce recent graduates came up by the lack of exhibitional field for researching the conceptual content and the formal qualities of the upcoming local art production.
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Vasiliki Anastasiou, Ersi Varveri, Sofia Vasiliadou, Konstantinos Dareios, Anthi Koga, Alexandra Kottaki, Andriani Krimitza, Eratia Meletiou, Nikos Mytilinios, Artemis Kassiani Papadima, Alexandra Sinopoulou, Antonis Stoatzikis, Marilia Fotopoulou, Spyros Charalambopoulos (Kleitoras), Dimitra Psarrou

Curating: Evangelia Ledaki

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