Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet me in the city

Is your town a better place to be
rest my head rest my feet
be lazy

hey pretty girl you are awful hard to meet
make me weak right in my knees
my lady

up all night cant get no sleep
kept awake by the chatter in my teeth
I' m crazy

I see your eyes light up ahead in tail lights
no one cries till someone dies
I'm high  n' I'm cryin

take a black bird and paint him white
he wont let me win the night
keep flying

hospital wall dont look so good
im too young to feel like i do
keep tryin

hey there little pretty
hey gonna get you down
hey dont you feel shitty
when your little church goes down

meet me in the city
wont you meet me down town
meet me in the city
wont you meet me right now

The Babies

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