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The Queen is Dead

The Queen Is Dead is the third studio album by the English alternative rock band The Smiths. It was released on 16 June 1986 in the United Kingdom by Rough Trade Records and released in the United States on 23 June 1986 through Sire Records.

The album spent twenty-two weeks on the UK Albums Chart, peaking at #2. Across the Atlantic, it reached #28 in Canada on the RPM 100 album chart and #70 on the Billboard 200 chart, and was certified Gold by the RIAA in late 1990. It has sold consistently well ever since. The album cover, designed by Morrissey, features Alain Delon from the 1964 film L'Insoumis.

The first song from the album to be recorded, in July 1985, was "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" which was, according to Marr, "an effortless piece of music", and was written on tour in the spring of 1985.

The song's lyrics refer allegorically to the band's experience of the music industry that failed to appreciate it. In 2003, Morrissey named this as his favourite Smiths song.

The album is popularly regarded as The Smiths' best album. Its mix of jangle pop, British Invasion, music hall, rockabilly and punk rock quickly became a British sensation and established The Smiths as one of the biggest bands of their era. Both Morrissey and Marr disagree, however, citing its 1987 successor (and unexpectedly final Smiths LP), Strangeways, Here We Come, as their peak.

All songs written and composed by Morrissey/Marr, except "Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty" (used as an intro to "The Queen Is Dead"), written by A.J. Mills, Fred Godfrey and Bennett Scott.
No.          Title              Length
1. "The Queen Is Dead"         6:24
2. "Frankly, Mr. Shankly"     2:17
3. "I Know It's Over"             5:48
4. "Never Had No One Ever"   3:36
5. "Cemetry Gates"                   2:39
6. "Bigmouth Strikes Again"     3:12
7. "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side"   3:15
8. "Vicar in a Tutu"   2:21
9. "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"   4:02
10. "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"   3:14
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Photos and Video is from the Greek celebration of Album's 25th birthday

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