Tuesday, June 19, 2012

POFPA's Photo Exhibition 2012

POFPA's Photo Exhibition 2012

The University Club Students' Cultural Society aims at supporting and promoting the artistic activities of the students of Athens University and constitutes a place of collective expression and creativity. The students come into contact with works of art and are encouraged to create their own works. The University Club allocates areas which are suitably equipped with modern mechanical equipment to enable the members of the society to work and create.

The Students' Cultural Society of Athens University (POFPA) operates under the supervision of the Public Relations Office and they collaborate in organizing various cultural events in which students who wish to participate can do so.

The Students' Cultural Society is represented by a Managing Committee, which is selected in elections by all members of the Society.

Interested students can become members of POFPA by submitting a written application to the POFPA office, which is located on the mezzanine of the University Club (15 Ippokratous Street).

Photography Section:

Artistic photography seminars constitute its main activity. These seminars are directed towards new as well as advanced students and are aimed at developing not only technical skills but also photographic perception, which is essential to the artistic appreciation of the photograph.

The seminars basically constitute a complete introduction to artistic photography, something which is accomplished by the projection of the work of important photographers, discussions related to the aesthetics of photography, as well as teaching its members the techniques and use of the dark rooms, where they can develop and print their photographs.

The courses are conducted daily in the University Club building (15 Ippokratous Street) and in the "Kostis Palamas" building (Massalias and Academias Streets). They are taugh by experienced older members as well as visiting photography professors. From time to time, and parallel to the seminars, photography campaigns to various parts of the city are conducted, in order to familiarize the students with the taking of photographs.

Their exhibition will be open until the 31st of June 2012. More info about POFPA here.


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