Monday, June 25, 2012

The Swing Shoes


The Swing Shoes / European Music.... Night

The Swing Shoes were formed in Athens in 2006. Initially a street guitar duo, they gradually evolved into a four-piece with the standard gypsy swing instrumentation: two guitars, bass and violin.

At first their music appears to follow the rules of the swing folk idiom. It is rhythmic, it is vibrant; it is feel-good music. But the way they cover traditional Greek tunes, jazz standards, and several atypical numbers is so unpredictable that the listener finds himself puzzled, wondering “where does this familiar tune come from?



Adonis (g), George (g),


Panos (b), and Andreas (vl),

combine their influences to create music with a passion. Their first album “Ladies and Gents, HERE’S THE SWING SHOES” - released in 2010 on Prominence Records - has received rave reviews.



The Swing Shoes appear regularly in many clubs in Athens and play festivals all over Greece. They perform as an instrumental quartet and also as a six-piece with female vocalist Eirini Dimopoulou and drummer Nick Zografos or female vocalist Sughaspank! and percussionist Oxocube. Occasionally the set-up includes full personnel (8 people).   My___link


These photos are from their live appearance at: Megaron's Garden 21-06-2012 (European Music Day)


21st of June – European Music Day - Summer Solstice and Music is celebrating.


"Year by year European Music Day is establishing more and more events all over Greece. The idea is catching on!


We hope that one day on the 21st of June, we will hear music everywhere, on every corner, every square, every street, every concert location and every park. All kinds of artists and all kinds of music along with crowds will dance in the streets and displace the cars.

Schools, conservatories and every organisation that is familiar with the magic of a “musical-score” will organise their own concerts.

In France the state has passed an act that allows (music) noise disturbance on the specific day, why not in Greece as well? Upcoming Greek and foreign bands will play in public spaces throughout Greece and artist exchanges from city to city and country to country will multiply and we will all discover a previously unknown group.


European Music Day is working for a dream come true sooner or later. This is why it organizes with the support of public, state, private sponsors and institutions, as many as possible music performances all over Greece. The events are always free and artists perform free of charge or with minimum compensation. Because when music celebrates we‘re all invited…!" More about E.M.D. here



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