Sunday, December 2, 2012

Momentography - Supernova

Momentography / documenting our personal landscapes

"The Momentographer is now on operation. It is examining our extroverted microcosm and is recording the moments. The things we love, the things we hate, our friendships, our passions, our mistakes are being portrayed with an urban landscape as the background. Moments that are being captured in ten rooms, alternate in time, get confused with our feelings and sometimes overtake us.

Those moments where an old man, lost in his thoughts, is looking through his window, waiting for a sparrow to show up.

Two rooms after playing with time, are defining our days and our nights bringing to life bizarre moments of a different reality.

At a corner nearby there is a sack thrown: it is loaded with stolen smiles, thinks the single man of the close by apartment. He wakes up every morning all by himself, while his loneliness is painting his mornings gray. 

From the bedroom next door there are stories unfolding, photos and thoughts reach the roof. 

And yet another empty room. An empty self?"

Curated by: Constantine Belias, Thalia Geladaki, Katerina Paspaliari, Zois Halkiopoulos and Maria Sotiropoulou           

Exhibition Duration: 27.09-28.10.2012           [ more ]

'Super new' phenomena / social conditions and engraving 

"The very first moment incision begins, it marks the beginning of a story, whose purpose from that moment on is to keep unfolding, until it is ruined in order to create something new, a fresh ground. There is a constant parallelism between Printmaking, as we perceive of it, and the story of Supernova, this “Super new” phenomenon that is directly related to today’s social standards. They resemble two voices that whisper to each other two versions of the same tale.

At the same time, our objective is the creation of a new reality through the noisy destruction of the past. Whether we refer to ideas or to lifestyles, the concept implicitly addresses today’s situation, the current conditions that prevail as our daily life as we knew it has collapsed. Therefore we are called to adjust by solving all the problems that have been caused by this collapse.

In July of 185 ac, astronomers in China who were observing the sky, observed and registered a new star that 8 months later couldn't be located any more. A giant star had exploded and the shining of that explosion reached our planet after having travelled in space for a few thousand years. It was a Supernova, the first Supernova to be seen and recorded by humans. It “ lived” for as long as the main explosion lasted, and then it vanished from human sight, leaving behind remnants and parts that are known as the Centaurus’ Nebula"

Curated by: Paraskevi Papadimitriou

Participating artists: Matina Georga, Kleves Krisico, Paraskevi Papadimitriou, Miltiadis Petalas, Nikos Staurakantonakis, Orestis Symvoulidis, Marilena Synodinou

Exhibition Duration: 27.09-28.10.2012            [ more

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