Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daily Unsimplicity

Daily Unsimplicity

Dimitris Andreadis

"The new solo show of Dimitris Andreadis is his personal storyboard with signs that originate from his daily life. Daily Unsimplicity articulates the artist’s personal vocabulary regarding simplicity in contradiction to a vague complexity that may occupy our personal territory.

Through his paintings the viewer recognizes and re-evaluates familiar images which prevail in a black background with the use of chiaroscuro treating light and shades in a strong emotional current.

Using a rough brush Andreadis deforms his images and creates a floating environment. The absence of light in the whole surface and its accentuation directly on the sign dramatizes the context that the artist wants to define. This context refers either to actual or to illusory conditions.

Τhe artist depicts his own personal examples of a contemporary still life. Daily Unsimplicity captures the momentum and the ‘’magic power of tansubstantiation’’".   -- Katerina Nikou

Grande Classicism
Timoleon Livaditis

Duration: 06.03.2013 – 13.04.2013 [ + info ]

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