Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mature Topography

Mature Topography
Giorgos Tserionis

The ArtWall

George Tserionis is presenting his new work entity under the title ‘MATURE TOPOGRAPHY’ at the ArtWall Project Space. The exhibition presents two series of collages with images from archival material, a sculpture, a video piece, and an artist book, each contemplating the development of capitalism in relation or at the expense of nature.


As noted by art historian Thanassis Moutsopoulos:
One of the key demands of George Tserionis, if not of the artist in general and after Cezanne, is the familiarization and / or the deconstruction of Nature. 

Within his work «Mature Topography» Tserionis arranges existing photos, either by folding thus distorting their meaning, either through producing an architectural composition. In effect, the artist not only converses with aspects of the past such as Dada or the detournements of the Situationists, but invents new models that enclose the art of Japanese Origami and applies in on to the photographic collage”.  [ more (in Greek) ]


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