Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two Visions


At first sight, the artist’s main goal is to plunge the viewer into a believable reality; a very simple image actually. But the world he offers them seems realistic, until the viewer is overwhelmed by one question. A seeming non-reality emerges rapidly and immediately raises the question... what do I see? And then, thought enters to assist the perception.

Within B. Colignon’s project, everything is organised and built with the intention to create not a blur, but rather a haze in the eye; the eye that initially thinks it understands, but then discovers that reality is something completely different, something that is located elsewhere. In a field outside of the image.

--at TitaniumArtGallery [ link ]

Personal Vision / Focus

Photo exhibition as a result of Pavlos Fysakis' workshop 

--at Booze Cooperativa

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