Monday, December 16, 2013

We live today

Transitions of a man’s mission to turn the moment into something young 
Not just for him but for them understand 
This is peace of a man 
Woman beside providing balance 
So that we can do our best regard silence
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 
you live today, live today,
 we live today 
don’t give it away
‘cause we live today, live today

Today I’m known, today I’m born 
New way ‘cause I’m going new ways ‘cause I’m going 
New ways I’m flowing, 
A form unknown from the corner is one stone 
Color with life with more than one tone 
Nation and bracing like placement spaces and places we in 
Dot direction is taking us in like the wind from ..
That’s discovered by .. Chicago 
Talk em how to lead and to follow 
My heart even when it’s hallo

I plan the scene for today that we live in tomorrow 
Son telling me that we feed in the sorrow 
Pay attention ‘cause D time for borrow 
..amaze us unless you just amaze us 
Unless is aggressive we live today

We live today
Don’t give it away
‘Cause we live today

The path that we take, the path that we make 
We create from the one true y’all
Some things we gotta undo and unlearn 
Taking turn to .. taking turn to burn 
Taking things as fun ..think we time ..
We divide em out, divide em in 
We become since and my man ..plan 
We taking in like the breath 
I can be the chef in the kitchen 
while i’m .. different type of style
a different job, i gotta think fast 
ha gotta task for everybody 
just to do just to live .. 
just to live today

We live today for the present no one else 
Listen .. 
For our future givin things before I answer the past

Derrick Hodge
Feat Common

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